2009 Mazda6 Shoots

Client: Mazda Canada Inc.

Job: Press & Advertorial Photoshoots for the preproduction '09 Mazda6 GT and '09 Mazda6 G

Mazda Canada will soon be releasing their 2009 Mazda6 model, not yet for sale. This is a mid size car available in a GT and GS trim.

Toronto received record snowfall about a week or so prior to the shoots. So I was a bit concerned when sourcing locations. But the snow had melted, the weather was cold/tolerable, and most importantly, the two shoots turned out great.

We spent about a 2 days on pre-production and sourcing out locations. My man Mark Pereira, Senior editor at Performance Auto & Sound magazine, led me to an old army base with large airplane hangers for one of the jobs. The shipping yard was our second locale. Unbeknownst to me, loads of movies get filmed here and is governed by the Toronto Port Authority who hold their own jurisdiction, so securing this spot took some work.

Mazda will be releasing the images in their official press release for the Mazda6 launch. And they'll be using the images for their marketing as well. A confidentiality agreement prevents me from posting the final images (which explains the blurred out cars). So behind-the-scenes is the best I can offer for now!

Below: The TFX truck unloading the cars. This was the location of our red Mazda6 GT shoot. We shot the car against the large, green airplane hanger doors you see here. This was a nice red-green contrast.

Our white Mazda CX-7 was a great shooting vehicle. Our lights consisted of 3 Profoto 1200W 7B kits. I had never used the 7B's...absolutely love them: battery powered, great versatility:

Metering my camera for the front-end rolling shots. The SB-800 flash was mounted to a MagicArm-SuperClamp, and triggered with camera flash:

Myself, Sandra Lemaitre (Manager, Corporate Communications at Mazda), Rimy my P.A., and Brett from L.A. Detail:

The shipping yard for our silver Mazda6 GS shoot. We made good use of this place; shooting against the Toronto skyline, the ship, cargo containers, etc. The overcast day worked well, creating nice soft lighting...silver is always forgiving:

Pre-production chat with the Toronto Port Authority.

Mandatory (disgruntled) security guards watchin' our every move:

Panning with the Nikkor 70-200vr 2.8 lens:

Long panning shots of the silver Mazda rolling across the stretched out blue ship and yellow guard rails turned out well.