Event > Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy (MBDA)

The MBDA is a driving school run by Mercedes-Benz and operated by their Vancouver partner, Drivers Unlimited (DU). Conceived five-years ago at Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario, MB is taking the school on the road with confirmed stops in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.  They're offering four programs:

1. Driving Experience (half day)- $395 2. Advanced Driving (full day)- $895.00 3. Winter Skills (all 4MATIC™ vehicles, full day)- $995.00 4. Mastering Performance (full day, race track)- $1595.00

The classes are capped at 12 participants with a fleet of 12 completely different models. So, in addition to 'test-driving' a variety of MB products, the various platforms offer a nice contrast in driving experience which is very cool. From the little (and surprisingly fast) B200 turbo to the flawless E63 AMG, you'll hone your skills in different cars at different speeds on the track.

The weather held-up, the instructors were great. And it was good to hang with journalists Harry Peg (SunMedia) and Jim Bray as well. Above all, I actually learned something, which benefits everyone.

Special thanks to JoAnne Caza, Communications/PR Director at Mercedes-Benz.

For more information on the MBDA, visit www.mercedes-benz.ca/drivingschool