More Artwork...

We'd like to share some recent pieces we've just completed; these will be added to the online Gate58 shop, which will be finished soon...

Hana Bay - Triptych (Metallic Print on Acrylic)

This is a 3-panel piece, each measuring 16"x22." Printed on metallic paper and mounted to 1/4" acrylic, it floats from the wall, spaced separately, using a back-mounted hanging batton system.

Light & Trees (Metallic Print on Acrylic)

Each separate 15"x10" panel creates one image. Also printed on metallic paper and bound to acrylic, sits away from the wall using rear batton hanging system.

Laotian Waterfall - Diptych Canvas (2-panel Canvas on Gallery 1.5" Stretcher Bars)

This is a 2-panel canvas piece, each hung separately and spaced apart creating one large image. The canvas is stretched on 1.5" wooden frame, so the image wraps around, visble from all sides. Yet, when viewed from the front, you'll always see one continuous image. Laotian Waterfall is available in two sizes:

Small Canvas: Face size approx. 23.5"x30.5" with 3/4" standard stretcher bars

Large Canvas: Face size approx. 26"x34" with 1.5" gallery stretcher bars

Hana Bay (Metallic on Oversized Acrylic wtih metal fixtures)

This large 20"x30" image is printed on metallic paper and mounted to a larger 24"x34" acrylic piece. As with all the acrylic pieces above, the print is visible behind the acrylic, so the effect is as though you're looking through borderless, floating glass. This particular piece uses 4 round fixtures in each corner for mounting, common in commercial spaces.

Lahaina Sunset (Metallic Print, Framed)

This image is printed on metallic paper, in two sizes: 20"x30" or 16"x20" and framed. This finished piece will be signifcantly larger.