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Usually, there isn't much time to enter contests and such. But I was flipping through my new issue of PDN Magazine (Photo District News), and came across this particular one...I figured I'd submitt a couple shots, and feel like its a good excuse to share them with you! : )

The first photo of the Taj was taken with my Nikon D100 digital SLR; the second with an old 1970's OlympusXA film point and shoot in B/W (the sweetest travel camera!). Both shot in 2005.

The World in Focus photo contest consists of a few categories, including the two I entered: Sense of Place (Scenes in cities, towns, and villages that suggest a feeling of place) and Travel Portraits (Travel photos of locals working, playing, celebrating; ceremonies, parades, etc.)

Title: A Different Taj Mahal

Caption: The Taj Mahal seen from the rooftop of a home overlooking the village of Agra, providing a much different, real-life perspective of the Taj--contrary to what millions of visitors envision and see each day.

Title: The Groom

Caption: A relaxed and satisfied Gujarati groom takes a quick moment following his emotional wedding to pause for a photo amongst a room of chaos as they all make their way out trailing behind him.