New Portfolio: Auto-Pulse

The relationship between vehicles and people always fascinates me. Whether its a family of four sharing a single scooter, a Lambo-owner with a ten-car garage, or simply a passerby walking into the frame. Especially when vehicles are taken out of context, finding themselves in new, obscure environments, well, that's when it becomes more compelling; often a contradiction of people, places, and cars rendering a cool moment in time. Fortunately, I've had my camera when its happened.

I've added a new section to my port called 'Auto-Pulse,' consisting of portraits and candids I've shot over the past 10 years. All of it is personal work, a mix of my travels with a majority of shots taken while doing a job...a 'side-project' if you will. > Portfolio > Auto-Pulse

Few shots attached, enjoy!

All Images Copyright2009©AmeeReehal