2008 Subaru STI Hatchback Feature

A Reasonable Compromise

A busy dad gets the mod bug…again.

Story by Nick Chow. Photos by Amee Reehal 

Sometimes we get older and need to put aside our passions because life gets in the way. A scary truth is that there are a lot of people with families, who can’t continue heavily modifying cars that take up their time, mental space and of course your wallet. This was almost reality for Danny Yee who after two children found it difficult to own a highly modified car. After parting out and selling his then Junction Produce themed Lexus GS, Yee was on the hunt for a functional vehicle that would suit his everyday needs, but never had the intention to mod. “For work I need space in the trunk, I have to pick up the kids from daycare every day. This car needed to be functional 365 days of the year.” says, Yee.  Then one day Danny came across a near pristine Subaru Sti, and this is where his new journey began.[...]


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