Track Ready Honda S2000 - :

No Agendas

An AP2 tuned to perfection, on it’s own terms.

Story and Photos by Amee Reehal ©


In today’s market, there is no shortage of high-end, high profile show cars backed by reputable aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers displaying their wears or perhaps by unlikely corporations looking to reach out to a “younger” demographic. Gleaming rides plastered with corporate logos, supporting sponsor icons, and anything else that will garner attention. And rightfully so, this is the nature of the business after all, and a demo car is perhaps the most fitting marketing vehicle, literally. But once in awhile, a ride will come along with absolutely no corporate agenda yet still fitted with the optimal parts available, without compromise in quality and fueled simply by the passion to build a true, properly tuned machine. Influenced only by the latest technology and the pursuit to push the limits. No input from car forums, no shows, no VP of Marketing breathing down anyone’s neck. [...]


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